TEMPTU was founded in 1981, with a temporary tattoo and body art process, developed especially for the movies. We achieved almost immediate success and acclaim for our realistic designs. Hollywood embraced us, especially after we made it possible for the star of Martin Scorcese’s Cape Fear to fake being covered in prison tattoos.

Today, TEMPTU is looking ahead, toward a future where beauty meets technology. It’s a future marked by a multicultural market, high-definition media, and a desire shared by consumers and professionals alike to create flawless complexions — without compromise. Our 3 new lines — AIR pod™, Retouch, and Adorn — that are set to revolutionize the relationship between women and their skin. Raising the bar in so many areas (speed, hygiene, coverage, efficiency, versatility, convenience, and application, to name just a few) we’re going to revolutionize consumer cosmetics, just like we revolutionized professional cosmetics.


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