Got Acne? We’ll Show you How to Take Care of it!

February 1, 2011  |  Tips & Technique  |  No Comments

Let’s face it, the condition of your skin can either make or break your day. One little blemish can deflate your mood, especially if one shows up right before a big event. Luckily, we have you covered here at TEMPTU by sharing a DIY face mask that can help rid those tiny blemishes in no time.

The best thing about this DIY face mask is that it’s made from ingredients that you probably have lying around in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. The recipe, which calls for chickpeas, helps to detox your skin from dirt and oils, leaving your skin hydrated and blemish-free.

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Feel your Best in 2011: Part Two

January 25, 2011  |  Tips & Technique  |  No Comments

Recently, we featured seven tips on how to feel your best in 2011.  Today, we decided to keep the tips coming, providing you guys with suggestions that are really important to keep in mind.  Remember that the new year is all about changing your perspectives for the better; it’s about doing better for yourselves because you deserve it!  And so, without further ado, here are our seven final tips for living your best life in 2011.

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Exfoliate your Dry Skin with this Brown Sugar Scrub

January 24, 2011  |  Tips & Technique  |  No Comments

The New Year always has us scrambling for the latest cleanses, spa treatments, and workout gear, thanks to some extra indulgences during the holiday season.  In an effort to whip our skin back into tip-top shape, TEMPTU has gathered a DIY skincare recipe, featuring natural ingredients that can help guide you back to the health wagon.

Because TEMPTU values safety, we believe that it would only be fair to remind you to approach your spa day with caution, especially when using new products on your skin.  So, before whipping up the recipe and slathering the concoctions all over your skin, keep in mind that it is important to perform a patch test on a small area of your skin, which will test for any allergic reaction.  Please, if you notice a skin reaction during the patch test, then do not continue smearing your skin with the ingredients.  Discard any skincare recipes that cause an allergic reaction.

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Be Your Best in 2011

January 12, 2011  |  Tips & Technique  |  No Comments

The start of a new year means that you’re probably setting some resolutions.  Maybe it’s to find the perfect shoes, or to simply wear your hair down more often.  Whatever the case, resolutions are made because we want to promise ourselves to do better, to feel better, and to be happier.

This January, we wanted to help nudge you into the spirit of the new year by suggesting a few tips, which can help you live your most meaningful life.  Today, we will be featuring seven tips that aim to help you makeover your mental and physical health, but be sure to stay tuned for our next seven tips on how to live your best life.

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Can it be? A Patch that will solve our Acne Woes?

January 10, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

How many times have you awoken to a big, red bump on your forehead right before an important event?  To many of us, this scenario doesn’t seem out of the realm of ordinary, and a recent study suggests that acne sufferers may soon experience a form of quick relief with the Active Oplon Acne Patch.

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Reviewing 2010: A Look at the Old, the New, and the Monumental

January 7, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

This year has been full of highs and lows.  New beauty inspirations have appeared, young actors and actresses are gaining Oscar nods, and we have lost some of the most beloved celebrities of all time, including: Dennis Hopper, Rue McClanahan, Tom Bosley, Alexander McQueen, and Leslie Nielsen.  Charles Dickens once stated, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” and this old adage seems to capture the year of 2010.

To bring a close to 2010, and to welcome 365 days of hope, wonderment, and new beauty and fashion trends, we wanted to allow you, our fans, an opportunity to vote for the best of 2010 via our Facebook page.  So, happy New Year from all of us at TEMPTU; we hope that you have a blessed, prosperous 2011.  Here’s to a new year!

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Make 2011 Your Year for Great Skin

January 3, 2011  |  Tips & Technique  |  No Comments

The New Year always causes us to re-evaluate our lives.  In January, we decide if we want to lose weight, go back to school, change jobs, move, or even switch up our current relationship status.  For beauty gurus, we are always keeping our eye on the prize—looking for ways to whip our skin into great shape.

Inspired by the New Year, we at TEMPTU wanted to help inspire you to put your best face forward.  So, read on and discover our tips for awakening to better skin in 2011.

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Party too Much on New Year’s Eve? Here’s how to look your Best on New Year’s Day!

December 31, 2010  |  Tips & Technique  |  No Comments

We’ve all been there—waking up New Year’s Day with dark circles under our eyes, a killer headache, and that sudden illness that occurred from hours of drunken debauchery.  OK, maybe not to that extent, but we’ve all kind of been there.  Lucky for you, TEMPTU has you covered for well, recovering from partying the night away with a few New Year’s Day tips! Read More

Hello, Beautiful!

November 25, 2010  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Hello, lovely fans!  Welcome to our first of several blogs titled, “Hello, Beautiful!,” an exploration of the latest  beauty and fashion trends that are hot right now in the U.S.  Because TEMPTU loves our fans, we decided that we would give a shout out to each and every one of you by showcasing your city on our blog.  We are especially interested in featuring cities that never get a whole lot of attention, and even some of those that do.  So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to a city that is commonly overlooked–Cincinnati, Ohio.

Welcome to Cincinnati, Ohio, a city that is known for its famous Skyline Chili, Graeter’s ice cream, and Montgomery Inn ribs.  Located in the Midwest, Cincinnati is a place of extreme politeness but with few hints of upscale fashion.  Unlike the hot and sometimes odd fashions you see strutting around cities like New York, Cincinnati is home to the hoodie and t-shirt look.  Cinci gals know how to rock messy buns and ponytails with their barely-there makeup, while Cinci guys top their heads with backwards ball caps.  Dressed for comfort and reflecting their laid-back attitudes, college students from all over the Cincinnati area flock to their 8 a.m. classes with these rushed but relaxed looks, keeping their beauty and fashion trends to a minimum.

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Are QR Codes the New Tech Beauty Trend?

November 24, 2010  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

What if there was an easier way to access video tutorials from beauty sites?  What if there was an easy way to scan a beauty item at the mall and have the information for that product automatically pop up on your smartphone?  Well, ladies and gentleman, you’re in luck, because there is a new technology out there that does both and so much more!

QR Code Technology is the latest digital trend that all marketers want to gain full access to, but what are they exactly, and more importantly, what do these ‘codes’ look like?  Originally used in Japan to track parts for vehicle manufacturers, QR codes are now the hottest tool used to promote beauty and other consumer products.  Business marketers particularly find these square black and white codes useful because they can help provide instant feedback for company sales, but cosmetic companies, in particular, have incorporated QR codes into their campaigns to aid beauty enthusiasts scrambling through products at the mall.

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