Whip Your Man into Shape Before Pool Season: Gift Him with Abs!

November 22, 2010  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Long before Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s abs graced the pages of gossip magazines, men have been yearning for those perfectly sculpted six packs.  Now men can finally attain that rock hard ab look with the help of – go figure – MAKEUP!

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New iPhone App Determines Your Level of Attractiveness

November 10, 2010  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

YES, it’s true—a new iPhone app can determine if you’re hot or not, but how accurate is it?  The app, called “Ugly Meter” (sounds demoralizing already, huh?!), asks you to “scan” your face with the help of your iPhone’s built-in camera.  Once scanned, the app figures your score on The Ugly…

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