A few moments with MUA Jonah Levy PT 3

April 19, 2011  |  Featured Artists

It’s our last installment of A few moments with Jonah Levy! It’s been so amazing getting to pick the brain of a makeup and special effects artist of Jonah Levy’s caliber. you better believe we saved the best for last! The question we had be dying to ask Jonah throughout IMATS New York was …..

You’re at IMATS New York this weekend with TEMPTU PRO. What are your favorite products from TEMPTU PRO?

JL – I use a lot of their stuff. I use S/B for a lot of the beauty makeup I do. I really like their DURA makeup. I use the Dura makeup for a wide variety of applications. We were at a Halloween event down in Orlando for Sea World, which is a very kid friendly Halloween during the day, and a lot of the makeup that we do is very bright and colorful. We found that their DURA works fantastic for multiple reasons. One the color is very bright and vibrant. Two, they flow out of the airbrush easily so we don’t have to worry about clogging the airbrushes with them. They also stay on in extreme heat and humidity, which is crucial down in Florida because it’s really hot and really humid, so that is great in and of itself. Now what I really like is that you can also take Dura Makeup, thin them down, like for the Zombieland demonstration that I did today, and use them in a Special FX application. So, the palettes and the liquids work really well for me.

Credited to Jonah Levy and Blue Whale Studios Inc.

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