May Featured Artist: Vincent Ford

May Featured Artist: Vincent Ford

April 26, 2013  |  Featured Artists



Everyone knows Hollywood can make you or break you, so don’t be fooled by his warm smile- Makeup Artist Vincent Ford is no pushover. He’s taken his talents from the drama room to major red carpets. He’s also quite the celeb in the wedding world. Just ask his agent!

How did you get started as a makeup artist?Vincent TEMPTU

In college, during a theatre class, I started doing makeup for the cast and for myself.  I felt more passionate from the makeup work I did in that class than the major I was studying.  After I finished school, I decided to try a year of makeup school, and that is when I knew this was the career I was meant to do.

When was your big break in the industry?

I think my big break was when I started working closely with a fitness photographer and started getting my work published in national magazines.


When did you start airbrushing?

As a new artist, it was challenging to find paying work, so bridal was a great way to do what I loved and be paid for it.  At the time, every bridal trade show and magazine highly recommended airbrush makeup to their clientele.  To stay competitive, I decided it was a skill I had to learn.


What do you love most about TEMPTU products? 

I feel TEMPTU took airbrush makeup to the next level and refined it into products that not only work but are thought about from a professional makeup artist’s point of view.  I love the look of silicone foundation for beauty, bridal and even editorial work.  TEMPTU’s S/B line brought the best of what was only available in traditional mediums and progressed it into what is needed for today’s “HD perfection- obsessed” culture.

Any pro tips on airbrushing?

One of the biggest mistakes I see when other artists airbrush is their application speed.  Unlike traditional foundation, which you apply and blend away, [with airbrush] if you start to see it you’ve applied too much.  I tend to move very fast across a face with wide circular motions, stand back to assess the coverage, then build more layers.

TEMPTU Vincent

What was your career defining moment thus far?

That was when I was finally signed to a makeup agency.  I felt like I had finally achieved a life long goal.

What is your favorite beauty look?

My favorite beauty look are well groomed brows, full lashes and a glossy pout.

Where do you find beauty inspiration?

My biggest inspiration are normally European fashion magazines, especially Italian Vogue.  I like the simplicity in beauty and feel European editorials have mastered that.


 What are the top 5 TEMPTU products that are always in your kit?

S/B Mixing Medium

S/B Adjuster Set

Airbrow Stencils

S/B Neutralizer Wheel

Dura Skin Palette

What is your most important makeup tool?TEMPTU Vincent

That has to be my favorite brush, which is a fluffy ponytail brush.  I use it to contour, highlight, powder and touchup.

Are there any new products you’re excited about?

I’m loving the latest felt tip eyeliners and the newer lash growth serums.

Are there artists whose work you follow?

Some of my favorite are Pat McGrath, Billie B and Scott Barnes.

If you were stranded on an island and you could only bring 3 items with you, what could you not live without?

Chapstick, my cellphone (even if there was no signal) and chocolate.

TEMPTU Vincent


Who are your most respected fashion designers?

I’m loving Betsey Johnson’s and Marc Jacobs’ latest collections.

Which product are you always giving away or are people taking from your kit?

I’m always giving away my favorite lip glosses, because clients fall in love with them too.

 What do you predict will be the next hot trend?

Like the ombre hair trend, I feel women are embracing beauty that is not perfect.  So fuller bushier brows, less plumped lips and skin that shows texture.


What is your first makeup-related memory?5

My mom using her black liquid liner for her eyes, and painting on fake moles to go as a witch, as I trick-or-treated as a child.

If you had to jet to your favorite place in the world in five minutes, what products would you pack and why?

Sunscreen so I can lay out at the beach longer, my sunnies to not be blinded by the glare and concealer to hide my dark circles.


For more on Ford, check out his website at www.facesbyvf.com.


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