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August 9, 2013  |  Featured Artists

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Some artists are born talented, and some have great teachers. One such teacher is Celebrity Makeup Artist Amanda Shackelton.   Shackelton not only hails 20 years of experience in the fashion and beauty but has also established herself within the world of academia with her makeup school, Media Makeup Academy (MMA).

Originally from New York, Amanda trained as a hair stylist and makeup artist in London, where she gained a broad knowledge of the industry and built her portfolio and fashion contacts. She has since worked around the world traveling to in Milan, Munich, Amsterdam, South Africa, and Sydney. Her resume includes Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour, Anne Hathaway, Martha Stewart,  Katie Couric, Javier Bardem, Harrison Ford, and Christopher Walken. TEMPTU sat down with Shackelton for a little Q &A:

How did you get started as a makeup artist?

I moved to London when I was 20 after two years in college.  I knew I wanted to pursue a creative career but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. One day while walking down the street, I found London School of Make Up.  I enrolled right away and began studying both makeup and hair for the next year.

beauty9What do you love most about TEMPTU products?

I love the color range and durability.

Any pro tips on airbrushing?

Keep it light. I see untrained artists every day using the system, but they apply way too much foundation.  Whether you are hand applying or airbrushing foundation, it needs to be light and natural otherwise you are defeating the whole purpose of the products.

What was your career defining moment thus far? 

Working for American Vogue with two of my favorite supermodels – Karen Elson (married to musician Jack White) and Erin O’Connor.  After that, I said to myself, “Okay, you did it!”

What is your favorite beauty look?

My style has always been on the more natural, wearable side.  The reason why I work so much is because my style is relatable to most women, not too overdone.  I keep that style but pump it up a bit for my fashion/editorial stuff.

Where do you find beauty inspiration?

I’m a fanatic about watching old movies from the 20′s to the 40′s.  I also love to educate myself on other cultures and incorporate that into my work.

What are the top 5 TEMPTU products that are always in your kit?

The S/B Foundations for sure, the S/B Highlighters and S/B Contour colors.  I love the Airbrow Kit with stencils – your brows stay put all day!   Lastly, the S/B Bronzer in Matte which gives a quick pick me up to the skin, especially in the winter months.

What do you see as the next hot trend?

I wish I could predict it, but definitely a return to the classic, glamorous look of the 40′s.

If you had to jet to your favorite place in the world in five minutes, what products would you pack and why?

Rose Bud Salve, an exfoliator and moisturizer, and a jar of Trader Joes Coconut Oil.  I use it for everything – hair, face, and body!


For more on Shackelton, visit her website at www.amandashackelton.com. You can catch her in person at her next MMA classes in Chicago on September 21 & 22.  Sign up here: http://www.mediamakeupacademy.com/chic-airbrush.php

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