Featured Artist: Cole Saad

December 28, 2012  |  Featured Artists



With over 10 years of airbrush experience, Cole Saad is a pioneer of the industry. Her passion for beauty, fashion, art and makeup artistry is demonstrated in her work for the runway, print, bridal and event shows. She amazed us with her talent at our TEMPTU photo shoot, and we are pleased to share her exclusive interview!




How did you get started in the industry?

I got connected with an established makeup artist in the entertainment industry, then started working as her assistant while I finished makeup school.

What do you love about working in makeup?

I love the transformation-when I finish and the client lights up because she feels and looks amazing!

What do you love about airbrushing?

I LOVE to airbrush! There is no finish like it for flawless skin. It is not duplicable by brush or hand. It is the future of makeup application!


In your career, what project is the most memorable, and what project did you have the most fun doing?

I always love doing the MTV Movie Awards. I have done a few. My favorite one was recreating Xerxes from 300, Captain Jack and Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four- lots of painting, airbrush, and light prosthetics! So much fun!

What makeup trends do you expect to see in 2013?

Makeup trends for 2013…flawless, soft skin is always in style. Bright pops of color on lips and cheeks like fuchsia or coral, and metallic golds, bronze, and silvers for eyes!

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