Featured Artist: Kim Young

July 11, 2013  |  Featured Artists

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This month’s featured artist comes to us by way of our Pro Artistry Talent Search. Never did we expect to find such a gem! It’s easy to see why Kim Young flew to the top of our list, with her feminine yet bold looks, accented by the signature TEMPTU glow. Our only regret: not finding her sooner.

How did you get started as a makeup artist?

I had an interest in creating a makeup line and took a class on basic makeup application to have a better understanding on color theory and makeup. Once I finished the course, my friend asked me to work on a photo shoot she was putting together. One photo shoot lead to another and I have not stopped since. The makeup line has been on the back burner because I have fell in love with doing makeup.

When was your big break in the industry?CailinRussoHi-5

Last year, I had an opportunity to work on a TV show that will soon be aired on MTV. That was probably the biggest job I have worked on, except maybe a commercial for video game MLB2K13 since I am a huge baseball fan!

When did you start airbrushing?

I started airbrushing since the beginning. I realized that airbrushing was an important skill and immediately enrolled in a class and bought my first system. I am glad I got to practice as it has been a valuable skill and marketing point.

What do you love most about TEMPTU products?

TEMPTU is a staple in the airbrushing industry. The S/B line is so gorgeous for brides and editorial work. I am so excited that TEMPTU came out with the AIRpods and made it so much quicker for professionals to work on several clients quickly.

 Any pro tips on airbrushing?

Practice makes perfect. Taking classes with working makeup artists helped refined my airbrushing skills. I suggest that everyone take a class before airbrushing as it is not an easy skill to master.  A few quick tips:  if you see it, it’s too much and try to avoid the hair!

What was your career defining moment thus far?

When I decided to quit my full time job and move to LA to do makeup full time. I realized that this was my path and I took a leap of faith. I have had the most fun ever since making the big move.

IMG_9472rWhat is your favorite beauty look?

Clean face with a bright lip like red or hot pink.

Where do you find beauty inspiration?

I love finding inspiration from nature or landscape photos. You find the most beautiful color palettes in nature. The colors are always complimentary.


What are the top 5 TEMPTU products that are always in your kit?

S/B Primer, S/B Concealer Wheel, S/B Cleaner, S/B Mixing Medium and Dura Liquids-you never know when someone needs a tattoo covered.

What is your most important makeup tool?

I have two: A fluffy blending brush that I use for undereye concealer, to blend out any foundation and to blend out any eye shadow. I have four of the same brush and use them all the time for everything. Also, my new favorite makeup tool is a mixing palette. The back of my hand has become so irritated from working on it.

Who are your makeup icons?Liv2

I really admire Roshar, Anthony Gordon, and Dana Delany.

If you were stranded on an island and you could only bring 3 items with you…what could you not live without?

My tempur-pedic pillow, cellphone and a satellite radio that can broadcast my favorite baseball team.

What is your first makeup-related memory?

Stealing my mom’s powder foundation when I was in middle school. I did not understand the concept of foundation matching, but I had horrible acne as a teen and just used it to cover parts of my face.

If you had to jet to your favorite place in the world in five minutes, what products would you pack and why?

Chapstick, mascara, tweezers, blush, powder and foundation. With those, you can still look fresh and put together.

IMG_2276rWhich product are you always giving away or are people taking from your kit?

Embryolisse. Everyone loves this moisturizer!

What do you see as the next hot trend?

Thicker, but not defined eyebrows.  Less is more!


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