Getting Red Carpet Ready with a TEMPTU PRO

June 30, 2011  |  Featured Artists

Getting ready for the red carpet can be stressful for a star. As a makeup artist, I need to expect the unexpected, which can also be nerve wrecking… Here’s how I got ready for my celebrity client.

Dendrie Taylor has appeared in many film and television roles, most recently recognized by her performance in the Oscar winning movie The Fighter. She was recently invited to the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, where Dendrie and her costars were nominated for “Best Fight”. I got the call that she wanted a TEMPTU makeover for the event (thanks Juliana Landis for the referral).

I had to meet her at her house just hours before the event, so I figured it’d be best to anticipate what to use and pack light, rather than drag a kit that weighs more than I do (ahem, I plead the fifth ;p). I made sure to talk to Dendrie, and study some photos before the Awards in order to have a few looks for her to choose from.

I had my TEMPTU AIR fully charged, TEMPTU PRO S/B Makeup, and  TEMPTU’s At-Home System and AIR pods in case Dendrie wanted a more dewy finish.  Because a perfect complexion is always the key to any look, I used the TEMPTU PRO S/B Concealer Wheel and S/B Makeup.  What I love about TEMPTU is you can easily recreate this look at home using their collection of AIR pod Makeup.


The clock was ticking, her driver arrived early, and some costars from the film began to posse up at her house before they were ready to hit the road. I finished in the nick of time! I had anticipated a bit of a time crunch, so I was glad that I did my homework!

Dendrie looked stunning in her photos at the show. She was a pleasure to work with, and I was glad that she was happy with the results. Making my client happy is always my top priority. It’s also the most rewarding one!

Jackie Fan – Guest Blogger and TEMPTU PRO Makeup Artist

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