What’s in Your Beauty Bag: Gym Edition

September 30, 2010  |  Featured Artists

Going to the gym and getting in shape is a growing obsession in the TEMPTU office. If wanting to be more fit and healthy wasn’t enough of an inspiration for us, the need to lift a 50 lbs Poland Spring water jug every other day certainly is. As a makeup artist and avid gym goer, it’s important for Adrian to carry the right “equipment” in her gym bag. Adrian has the tendency of looking so put together you can’t even tell she hit the gym. Wanting to steel some of her professional beauty secrets we decided to see just what was in her beauty bag.

A Girl Who Curls: “Perfectly curled lashes are very important to me. I use my eyelash curler everyday before applying my mascara. My lashes tend to grow straight out, so the curler really helps to add the extra volume my lashes need.”

Pumped Up: “While curled lashes are a must for me, Mascara is my obsession. I have to have different mascaras for top and bottom lashes, and also for what look I’m going for (right now I have 5 different kinds in my bag). The L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Carbon Black is the mascara I use the most (for top lashes only!). It lengthens my lashes, the formula is waterproof and I never get any smudges after a long day. The Chanel Inimitable Mascara is my favorite for the bottom lashes. It separates the lashes nicely and the formula is light and completely smudge proof. “

The Need to Tweeze: “Eyebrows are always the first thing I notice on a persons face so it is super important to me to keep mine clean and shaped nicely! I keep a par at home and in my gym bag in case I notice a few strays after my workout.”

Flyaway Free: “The hairpins were left over from a friends wedding, I pulled hundreds of those things out of her hair that night! I kept some for my bag because you never know when they might come in handy…”

From Run to Done: “I use TEMPTU’s RETOUCH Foundation every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after my morning workout! It is a great size to throw in my gym bag and it covers all my blemishes and redness. I can fit my workout into my morning and still look flawless when I go to work, because the silicone-based formula lasts all day long. “

Blush in a Rush:I love the color of TEMPTU’s RETOUCH Limited Edition Blush in Vintage Ruby for the cheeks and lips. I apply this whenever I need a quick boost of color.”

Keeping Hydrated: “I am addicted to TEMPTU’s Undereye Concealer! It’s the perfect concealer for everyday use. It covers, hydrates and illuminates my under eye area…enough said!”

Fake a Few Hours: “Getting up early to work out can sometimes leave my eyes looking a little more tired then I would like. The Three Custom Color Light Clarifier pencil is great for using on the rim of the eye to make your eyes look more open and vibrant. It can also be used as an eye brightener/ touch up concealer.”

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