What’s in Your Beauty Bag?

August 13, 2010  |  Featured Artists

As a new company to the consumer makeup world we are constantly looking for ways to expand our product line. One question that’s asked around the office all the time is “What’s in your beauty bag?” or “Would you use this product?”. Wanting to expand this idea further we turned to one of our interns for help and asked her to show us just what was in her bag and why. This is your first of many installments of “What’s in Your Beauty Bag?” featuring Marketing Intern Jackie’s beauty bag contents.

Magic Eraser: “You can never appear too awake in the morning. When I put on the TEMPTU Undereye Concealer I look as if I’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep! And when I look more awake, I feel it too. It also covers up any eye liner smudges or mascara flaking that might appear throughout the day.”

Ouch Proof: “I can be a bit clumsy, so I always have band aids and Neosporin in my bag, just to be safe. Band aids are also a huge life saver when those new cute shoes start to cause not so cute blisters.”

Sexy Little Scent: “Solid perfume is perfect when I need to add a light scent without overwhelming everyone around me. My go to scent is Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria’s Secret.”

Frizz Ease: “The New York City weather is so unpredictable, I like to be prepared for sudden wind, frizzing humidity or a heat wave. I like using smaller hair clip because it keeps my hair in place while still being able to achieve a sophisticated up do.”

Berry Clean:
“I’m a big supporter of hand sanitizers, but I hate that severe alcohol smell. The size of the Victoria’s Secret Hand Gel is so portable! Their Berry Kiss scent smells so nice and doesn’t dry out my hands.”

Plump it Up: “I love the tiny size of this Lash Plumping Mascara by Sephora, it’s perfect for a little mid-day touch up.”

Rise and Shine: “When I want full glossy lips, I reach for my DuWop Lip Venom. It also has a spicey kick to it which can be very revitalizing later in the day.”

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