Eye Candy: bright never felt so right

July 25, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Is there anything that screams summer more then flaunting a bright, vibrant pout or shadow?  The TEMPTU Team is absolutely drooling over how fabulous these vibrant hues look with bronzed summer skin.  What better way to spend your Monday then joining in on the vibrant color love fest?  Warning: you will want to run to your nearest beauty counter to steal some of these looks.

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Eye Candy: blush rush

July 18, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Blush is a powerful thing.  It can take you from sweet to edgy, polished to overdone, or even dull to dewy.  The sky is the limit with the right blush.  This Monday we though we’d share a few of the images that are currently inspiring the TEMPTU Team to rush for our blush.

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Eye Candy: out of control

July 11, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

We’ve all seen and fallen in love with simplistic beauty images that just take your breath away because of a subtle flush of the cheek, or the model’s flawless skin.  As much as we all love that attainable every-day beauty there is something to be said about the the dramatic edginess of an extreme eye, pastel purple lip, or out of control neon highlighted hair.  Today’s Eye Candy is a nod to the power of more extreme beauty looks.  You may not want to try these when you go out this Friday night, but they are perfect to liven up your Monday morning.  Enjoy!

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Eye Candy: summertime cool

July 5, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

The Fourth of July weekend may be over, but the TEMPTU team refuses to say goodbye to the cool blue beaches we took advantage of over the long weekend. Blue may be one of the hardest colors for a girl to pull off, but nothing says summertime cool like the perfect touch of blue. Enjoy!

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Eye Candy: summer sun

June 27, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Summer is finally here and whether it be real or fake there is no better time to flaunt a sexy bronzed glow. The fourth of July weekend is the perfect time to not only work on your glow, but to flaunt it with some bright and beautiful makeup. Get excited for the long weekend early with this week’s Eye Candy. Enjoy!

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Eye Candy: the power of pink

June 20, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Pink is a powerful color.  Most of us are trained to think of red as the major power color, but think how much more powerful a fuchsia lip or cheek can be.  When it comes to beauty, nothing flaunts confidence more then adding a pop of pink to your look.  We thought that these looks in particular just screamed powerful, confident, and pink!

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Eye Candy: eye spy

June 13, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Still inspired by last week’s airbrushed shadow looks, we wanted to keep today’s eye candy focus on the eyes.  There are just so many amazing things you can do with eye makeup!

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Eye Candy: going tribal

June 6, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  2 Comments

Besides the beautiful weather, the best thing about summer is getting to trade darker shades for bright and vibrant prints! Tribal prints in particular are hard to top for any form of summer garb, but why stop at your clothes? You can go tribal with tattoos, makeup, and so much more!

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Eye Candy: a touch of lace

May 23, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  2 Comments

No matter how many bridal styles rise and fall in popularity, there will always be one style in vogue; a romantic touch of lace. It’s amazing how a little bit of lace and flowers can evoke such a romantic and vintage feeling. Whether you are looking for bridal beauty ideas, or just want to drift off a little at your desk today a touch of lace can turn any day into a special one.

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Eye Candy: modern bride

May 16, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Going modern and minimalistic on your wedding day doesn’t mean your makeup has to be boring! The trick is to hone in on your favorite facial feature eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. and accentuate them. This week’s eye candy is for all you modern brides out there, who want a little simplicity in their makeup on their big day. Enjoy!

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