The Perfect Gift for Any Nail Addict

December 15, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  1 Comment


No it’s not a mani pedi – it’s actually a book ! Nailed: A History Of Nail Culture, edited by Chicago-based artist Dzine, features a breathtaking array of nail masterpieces Read More

The Power of Red

November 10, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

In beauty, as in fashion, the color red makes a powerful statement. The right shade of red lipstick can completely change how you feel, act, and especially photograph. It’s this powerful transformation that is the subject of artist Alyson Fox’s book A Shade of Red.

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Are Fabric Blooms the New Blush?

November 8, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Makeup artist Peter Philips is no stranger to getting creative with beauty.  From lash embellishments for i-D magazine and Chanel’s Fall 2009 show to his shocking Pierrot look for Alexander McQueen, Philips is always on the cutting edge of beauty trends. You can find his newest creation in the November issue of WSJ Magazine. Model Bette Franke is adorned with fabric appliqués of satin and sequined flowers to create a flower child meets couture blush look.

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Trend Alert: US Soldiers Say Goodbye to Stray Brows

November 3, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Eyebrow threading and grooming is a trend that’s picking up popularity in the most unlikely of places, the armed forces.  That’s right beauty fans, according to The Wall Street Journal, a healthy number of our soldiers, marines and other military personnel abroad are asking their barbers to shape their brows as well as their crew cuts.

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Creating Monsters and More

October 31, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  1 Comment

This year was the 4th annual Halloween workshop that my fellow artist Dani Fonseca-Ondrek and I have been hosting in NYC. This year we held the event at the Makeup Forever studio in the west village. Halloween in New York City is off the hook. New Yorkers love to dress up and try to outdo the next person. This year was no exception even with the 6 inches of snow and freezing temperatures! Read More

Beauty Innovation: Drybar

October 20, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Let’s face it ladies a bad hair day is the worst.  Thankfully the newest trend in beauty salons has your bad hair days running for the hills.  Enter in the blowout only salon.  Though the popularity of this new service has shot through the roof, one salon seems to be out styling the rest from coast to coast, Drybar.

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Beauty Innovation: Magnetic Nail Polish

September 30, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Nude nail polish is a huge trend this fall, but if beige and suede make you cringe never fear metallic manicures are here! Metallic manicures, once only available in Europe, are taking the US by storm thanks to Sephora. But just how does magnetic nail polish work? Keep reading for the who, what, why, and how behind this manicure with a magnetic personality.

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Spring Beauty Trends from New York Fashion Week

September 21, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  1 Comment

Being backstage at New York Fashion week exposes you to all the new and upcoming trends for next season. No matter how busy the TEMPTU Team is backstage, we are always on the lookout for hot new beauty trends. Here’s a short list of some of our favorite Spring looks.

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Fall Beauty Trends to Look Out For Pt. 2

August 24, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Can you feel Fall starting to creep it’s way in?  Don’t get left out in the cold this season!  We’ve put together some of the hottest runway beauty trends to keep yoru beauty routine up to date for Fall 2011.  Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em this year’s Fall/Winter beauty trends are all about options.  Here’s Part 2 of Fall Beauty Trends to Look Out For.

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Fall Beauty Trends to Look Out For Pt. 1

August 19, 2011  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

Fall is getting closer every day, and that means it’s time to update your makeup as well as your wardrobe. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em this year’s Fall/Winter beauty trends are all about options. In fact there are so many options we had to split them into 2 blog posts.

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