Intern Diaries: My Amazing Experience in Our Special F/X Class

October 28, 2013  |  Workshops & Events

I (Christian Jensen) was extremely excited to find out that I was to be the model for our class this past Friday, here at TEMPTU, in which Makeup Artist Anastasia Durasova was showing the Patricia Field team how to create some fantastic Halloween looks. This was the finished look that we accomplished using our Dura line.


Now, here’s how to get this look:

1. Anastasia started by prepping my face and body. She used a children’s glue stick to keep my eyebrows under control, then she primed my face with our BASE Smooth and Matte Primer. After this, Anatasia had used a white foundation, and our White Dura formula to create the white base of the makeup.

2. Around the white, our Blue Dura was used to frame my face, and give a base for my body. Our Translucent setting powder was used on each layer of makeup to prevent stickiness, and avoid fingerprints and marks.

3. Anastasia then used a stencil, which was cut out of an image of an eye to give me the third eye on my forehead. She placed the stencil on my forehead (which had setting powder on it, to prevent sticking) and used our Black Dura, to get the general outline of the eye.
4. Then Anastasia used water based makeup to paint in the eye, with a brush, as well as black liquid eyeliner to perfect the shape, and make the eye look as realistic as possible.

5. At this point, lace was used on my face, along with stencils to create the yellow effects, with our Yellow Dura.
6. My actual eyes were completed using an eye shadow palette, with white, yellow, and gold (on the inner eye).
7. Another stencil was used for the design on my chin, with Black Dura.

8. When it came time for the body, she had used our Gold Effects Dura, to give the base to the stencil that was used in the center of my chest, and then setting powder was set on top, so that we could apply the stencil. She sprayed over the stencil with Black Dura. Another stencil was used, as well as the Black Dura to apply the outline for the pearls that went up to my shoulders.

9. At this point the class got to add their own personal details to my body, using various Dura colors, and water-based makeup. This finished the pearls, and the general design for my chest/shoulders.

10. Finishing touches were added, for blush our AIRpod Blush in Blushing Coral was used on my cheeks, and some as a highlighter on my forehead. The lips were done with Black Dura, and Gold Effects in the middle. Green eye shadow was also used, just under the Gold Effects. Handmade jewelry and a headpiece were put on me to finish the Hindu god look!

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