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  1. Will you have any training workshops in Melbourne Australia?

  2. hi
    are there any classes in London,UK?

  3. Cathy Mellendorf

    I purchased the SB Makeup and airbrush system and my 1st question is do I need to add anything to the sb airbrush foundation to thin it. The directions say you may have to. And….how do I purchase more product? There was no reorder info in the kit.
    Yhank you,

    • You do not need to thin out the makeup before airbrushing, but you do have the option if you wish. Simply add a few drops of the S/B Mixing Medium in your cup to thin out the makeup. To purchase more product you can either order online at shop.temptupro.com or place your order via phone at 212-675-4000.


  4. Good morning,
    I spent my holidays in the Usa where I discovered your item TEMPU. I think it is a very inetresting item, that’s why I’d like to know if you have any dealers in Italy or if you are interested in selling the product in Italy too.
    I’m a dealer and I am very interested in your product.
    kind regards and thanks in advance for your kind availability.
    Matteo Caccia

  5. Please can the postage to Australia be lowered? I worship this makeup but cannot afford to spend $100.00 on postage each time i buy new pods. It’s the only makeup that doesn’t make me break out in pimples and when i run out i can never afford to buy more straight away so i end up having to use a different product until i can afford to buy new pods and my skin goes crazy with breakouts. I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy pods in Australia either. PLEASE HELP! :(

    • Thank you for being a TEMPTU customer. Unfortunately we cannot lower our current shipping prices. All shipping costs are determined by USPS and FedEx, not by TEMPTU. You can however order several of our products through TVSN.com.

  6. how can i buy,or ordring on the iternet?becuse i life in finland?can you send me an emali please?

  7. Hi there
    Can u tell me if you still need concealer when using the airbrush pods? i am looking to order the set of 6 foundation pods can they be purchased when placing an order through your pro page?

    • Hi Vanessa, unless you have undereye concerns, you do not NEED a concealer as well. The AIRbrush is able to give you moderate coverage itself, however if you are looking for added coverage OR you are sensitive to the AIRbrush around the eye area, we definitely recommend the TEMPTU Undereye Concealer. It is great for everyday use and works perfectly with the AIRpod formula!

  8. I just bought the Temptu pod set. Now I am hearing that the silicone based makeup is so much better. Can I buy the silicone based pods?

    • Hi Heather, the AIRpod formula is actually a cosmetic-grade silicone base that lasts up to 12 hours. This makeup does not break down to water or oil on the skin and gives a beautiful natural skin finish.

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