Backstage at Creatures of Comfort S/S14

September 6, 2013  |  Backstage with TEMPTU

Temptu makeup  for Creatures of Comfort Spring 2014

Lazy Sundays take on a whole new meaning in Manhattan, especially during NYFW. Despite the overcharged energy of the week,  Creatures of Comfort’s designer Jade Lai was able to create a zen oasis atop the Maritime Hotel- rock garden and sunshine included. Using the limited-edition Creatures of Comfort Airbrush System, the makeup look captured the same easy spirit with color-blocking lips, glistening eyes, and beachy, sun-kissed cheeks. TEMPTU Key Makeup Artist Dani Fonseca tells us how it all came together.

Temptu makeup  for Creatures of Comfort Spring 2014

What was your inspiration behind the look?

According to Jade, the designer, the girls have a ’60s inspired beach resort look.  A girl who has that clean sun kissed skin, but reapplies a lip color carelessly throughout her day.

How did you create the look for this collection?

I listened to the designer’s story, and she was very clear it was about fresh skin with a signature lip…so I collaborated theses ideas with what inspired me from the AIRpod line and the S/B colors.

Why is TEMPTU great/easy to use for this look?

Even though there is a signature lip and brow with this look, it would not matter if the skin was not flawless. Using airbrush makeup on the skin is an easy way to add subtle dimension that pulls together everything so the models look naturally beautiful with a pop of edginess.

How can women recreate this look at home?Temptu makeup  for Creatures of Comfort Spring 2014

Using the AIRpod system, one can easily create a flawless sun-kissed look, and apply a bright color to the lip, blotting, and tapping another color on with a finger.

Backstage at fashion week is an extremely fast- paced environment.  Would you say airbrushing has positively affected the time it takes to get the models runway ready?

Absolutely.  To be able to do full complexion (foundation, blush, contour, highlight) in just under 10 minutes by using airbrush you have more time to perfect more intricate complex details if it is called for.  The fact that you can also highlight and contour bodies backstage is also key.

What keeps you going backstage?

The energy of the team to co-create something.  I do not just mean my makeup team, I mean the entire team from the Designer, to the hair, to the nails, to the wardrobe, to the models…all of us are working as a team to create 5 minutes of ‘wow’.  When everyone backstage remembers that, it’s an awesome experience to see what comes of working together.

Any crazy/funny backstage stories?

It always makes me laugh when a model comes in 10 minutes before the show from another show with insane hair and makeup…and sometimes body paint…and we need to deconstruct her simultaneously to a simple no makeup clean hair look.  It’s a miracle sometimes and we all end up laughing in the end saying “Did that really just happen?”

Temptu makeup  for Creatures of Comfort Spring 2014Any insider airbrushing tips or tricks for women using TEMPTU at home? 

Practice, play, and don’t overdo! Let the airbrush enhance who you are, not cover you up.

If you had to give one piece of beauty advice to all women, what would it be?

I found over the years that eating healthy and staying hydrated is the key to feeling and looking beautiful.  If your body feels good, your natural beauty radiates and you don’t need make up to make a statement, but you have it as an option it to play.










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