Backstage at Fleur Du Mal Fall 2014

Backstage at Fleur Du Mal Fall 2014

March 28, 2014  |  Backstage with TEMPTU

On March 25th, NYC’s famed Apotheke Bar was buzzing with a class of models dressed to perfection in Fleur Du Mal’s Fall 2014 collection. Even in the city’s frigid temperatures, talented designer Jennifer Zuccarini was able to turn up the heat with her sexy Fall collection. ”It was very loosely inspired by “Blade Runner,” which you don’t really see that much but in a lot of the materials that we used: the plastic,  lace,  metallics, color palette,  silhouette, and some of the jumpsuits. So that’s where we started, and we always go back to our inspiration of “dressing up, and undressing,” which is really important for Fleur,” the designer shared. New York’s top fashion and beauty influencers spent the intimate evening delighted with Zuccarini’s designs. The collection consisted of must-have separates, sexy jumpsuits, and enticing lingerie. TEMPTU was honored to partner with the burgeoning brand, providing the night’s flawless makeup look. Talented make-up artist, Dani Fonseca-Ondrek represented TEMPTU as the key-makeup artist, fulfilling Zuccarini’s wish for a “flawless, dewy, gorgeous look for the girls” finished with a “sexy, smoky eye.” We caught up with lead artist Dani who shared details on the flawless, sultry look:TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup at FleurDuMal

 The look was catered to a modern Edie Sedgewick inspired glam woman.  A woman who is privy to an exclusive NYC night life.  Sexy and mysterious on the inside and high-fashion in style.

The smooth complexion was achieved with AIRpod Foundation, touched with some AIRpod Bronzer  and AIRpod Blush in Washed Rose. Finally, AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne or Gold shimmer was added, depending on the skin tone.

The eyes were a double cat eye on top and bottom, but a softer version as though done with a smudgy pencil, lightly smoked out below.  The brow was dramatized by being airbrushed a slightly darker color and in a Dolce Vita shape.  Lips were slightly stained with more AIRpod Blush in Washed Rose, topped with a simple gloss.

TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup at FleurDuMal 2 TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup at FleurDuMal 3 TEMPTU_FleurDuMal_4 TEMPTU_FleurDuMal_5 TEMPTU_FleurDuMal_6 TEMPTU_FleurDuMal_7 TEMPTU_FleurDuMal_8 FleurDuMal_TEMPTU_9 FleurDuMal_TEMPTU_10

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