A brief history of DURA

April 26, 2011  |  NEW AT TEMPTU

Do you know what was the original TEMPTU makeup formula?  Believe it or not it was our DURA Airbrush Makeup.  With 94 shades, 2 formulas, and  both liquid and palette forms, DURA is by far the most expansive of our makeup lines.  In honor of the makeup that helped give birth to TEMPTU, we give you a brief history of DURA airbrush makeup.

1981 - Dr. Samuel Zuckerman invents the original TEMPTU paint formula and tattoo ink transfer system for the cult classic film Tattoo.  Both innovations became an overnight success with Hollywood makeup professionals.

1982 – Dr. Zuckerman and his son discover that the same formulas can be used to manufacture an exceptional line of long-lasting, skin-safe body paints and cosmetics and the TEMPTU brand and their first ever DURA makeup is born.

1996 – TEMPTU launches the TEMPTU PRO division, introducing their AQUA and DURA lines, making TEMPTU’s foray into airbrush makeup.

1998 – TEMPTU artists use DURA inks to create a full-body masterpiece for Absolut Vodka’s Absolut Restraint advertising campaign.

1999 –TEMPTU’s DURA paint is showcased in a Richard Burbridge spread for Harper’s Bazaar featuring nothing but spring bags accentuated by hand painted body art.

2000 – TEMPTU’s DURA makeup is used on Rebecca Romijn to create her full-bodied blue look as Mystique in X-Men, X-Men 2 (2003), and X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

2007 – TEMPTU releases their new Pro and Single DURA Palettes.

2008 – TEMPTU releases their new DURA Platinum formula.

2008 – Actresses Michelle Williams and Robin Weigert on the Charlie Kaufman film Synecdoche wear full-body TEMPTU body art as applied by makeup artists Judy Chin, Ralph Siciliano, and Tattoo Artist Tim Kern.

2008 - Naomi Donne uses TEMPTU’s TRAUMA palette on James Bond in Quantum of Solace to create special makeup effects, bruises, and cuts on stars Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko.

2009 – TEMPTU’s DURA is used on the sets of 24, Nurse Jackie, Trauma, and Flash Forward.

2010 – William Lemon III for TEMPTU PRO, uses DURA Paint in Black on model Emanuela de Paulo for the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Runway show.

2011 – Makeup artist Dani Fonseca and William Lemon III use DURA airbrush makeup and liners to “tattoo” Lady Gaga from head to toe for her Born This Way music video.

2011 – DURA used backstage at the Fall 2011 Odilon show to create an airbrushed glove in black, red, and a custom brown shade.

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