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April 18, 2012  |  Ask Our Pro, NEW AT TEMPTU

 Judith from Florida Asks:

“I am using TEMPTU AIRpod Foundation 005/Beige but I feel it has too much of a yellow cast for me. What do you recommend?”

Temptu’s Pro Cory Answers:

“Hi Judith! Great question!  You are getting a yellow cast from shade 005/Beige because it is too dark for you. I know what you’re thinking.  No one wants to look too pale or ghostly, especially in sunny Florida. Even myself, I never want to be seen without a tan and with my English background that makes it difficult.”

Example of a foundation that is too yellow. It is close, but there is a better match.

“Here is my tip: When matching a foundation it is always better to go with a shade lighter and then apply a bronzer to get that warmth we all want.  Think about it this way – Everything you want to cover on the face like blemishes, discolorations, and etc. are darker than your skin.  To cover these blemishes you need to lighten them a bit.  You also want full coverage over these areas and sheer coverage over the other areas so if you use a darker shade of foundation you will have dark spots and not so dark spots. This can make you look uneven and older!!”

Example of using a lighter foundation only where needed. The skin is perfected without looking too ghostly.

My recommendation is to try shade 003/Warm Ivory.  Even though shade 005/Beige is the right undertone,  shade 003/Warm Ivory will brighten you up without looking yellow. If you use it only where you need it, that will help keep it from making you look pale. You will notice you need less makeup and it will take you less time.  Then you can go over your entire face with a light coating of our Bronzer 605/Warm Glow

Using a lighter foundation to correct the skin and then following it with the Warm Glow Bronzer to get the desired warmth.

Hope this helps Judith.  Thanks so much for your question and stay flawless!




Temptu's Global Lead Artist - Cory Bishop

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