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May 4, 2012  |  Ask Our Pro, NEW AT TEMPTU

Yvette from North Carolina Asks:

“My problem is I have brown age spots.  I’m finding when I use my Temptu that the dark spots seem to stand out more. Is there anything I can do to help my skin look more even?”

Temptu’s Pro Cory Answers:

“Great question Yvette! This is a question I always get.  The Temptu AIRpod Foundation has amazing coverage, but sometimes certain flaws need just a tad more ‘Omph’ to help you get that extra flawless complexion.  The problem is that when you have slightly stronger things to conceal like brown spots, when you use the foundation to cover it, it will start to create a funny color.”

Example of brown spots on the skin.

“Here is my tip: Try apply Temptu AIRpod Blush in Blushing Coral directly to the brown spots. The warm red tone from this blush will correct the color to keep the spots from turning gray after you apply the foundation. The trick is to get in close and only apply the color to the spots. Don’t apply to much or you will have to spend more time covering the blush. Less is best – you can alway go back and apply a little more later.”

Example of using the Blushing Coral Blush over the brown spots.

“Now you can apply your Temptu AIRpod Foundation over the spots.  Start in close and only pull slightly back on the trigger to cover the spots first.  Then back away in a small circular motion to blend out the coverage evenly over the entire area.  Remember not to over apply and go back to build the coverage to you give the foundation time to dry.  This will help cover quicker without having to wait for the makeup to set.”

Example of using the Temptu AIRpod Foundation to build coverage over the area.

“Thanks Yvette for you question!  Here is an extra tip: Try a pink blush to disguise the area after you have applied your foundation.  Pink blush will help minimize brown tones in the skin.  My favorites are the Temptu AIRpod Blush in Pale Pink and Peony Pink.  They are both very subtle but have enough pink to add a subtle flush. Thanks again and remember – Stay Flawless!”





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Stay Flawless!!
Temptu’s Lead Global Artist – Cory Bishop


  1. Hi, I was wondering if using the temptu with eyes open and inhaling the makeup is dangerous.

    • Hi Pasty! The Temptu formula is safe for everyday use. The formula doesn’t linger in the air like an aerosol so you can apply it with your eyes open and breathe easily. However, if you don’t feel comfortable you can close your eyes and feel where you are applying it. It also goes on so fast you could hold your breath if you wanted! :)

      Thanks for your question! Check back next month for the next “ASK CORY” blog.

      Stay Flawless,


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