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June 11, 2012  |  Ask Our Pro, NEW AT TEMPTU

Tasha from Pennsylvania Asks:

“Can I contour my legs using the Temptu AIRpods?”

Temptu’s Pro Cory Answers:

“Of course you can!  (There isn’t much you can’t do with Temptu and the AIRpods!)  I love this question and since summer upon us there isn’t a better time to learn.  With the recent launch of our new AIRpod Body Camo, it makes perfecting and shaping the legs easier then ever!”

New - Temptu AIRpod Body Camo

“Contouring your legs is simple.  I am going to give you an easy way to use the Temptu AIRpod Body Camo to make your legs look slimmer and longer.  For this technique, if you are fair to medium skin use the Temptu AIRpod Body Camo in Dark. If you have medium to dark skin use the Deep Dark shade.”

Example: Notice how the rectangle with on the right looks longer and thinner!


“You want to set the dial on your Temptu AIRbrush System to the 6 o’clock position. When applying the AIRpod Body Camo, hold your AIRbrush 10 to 12 inches from the skin.  To tan the legs, apply the Body Camo over the entire leg.  To make the leg look slimmer and longer, deepen the color on the innermost and outermost sides of your leg all the way down to your ankle.”


Example: Keep your distance! The further you apply your Body Camo the more even it will go on the skin.

Special Cory Tip:  “After you contour the sides of your leg take the Temptu AIRpod Bronzer in Warm Glow or the Temptu AIRpod Highlighter in Gold and apply it in a small circular motion down the center of the front and back of your legs.  The Shimmer will make your legs look smoother and enhance the power of the contour.”


Example: Temptu AIRpod Body Camo was used on the sides of the right leg. See a difference?

“Thanks for your question Tasha!  Enjoy your summer, show some leg and don’t forget your sunscreen!  Stay flawless!”






Temptu's Global Lead Artist - Cory Bishop


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