Intern Diaries: Learning how to AIRbrush like a PRO

February 22, 2012  |  NEW AT TEMPTU

As a makeup advocate, learning about new makeup products, techniques and looks is like an everyday ritual. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Bridal Airbrush Workshop held at the TEMPTU LA Showroom. Excited at first because, well, what girl doesn’t love to play with makeup. However, the nerves started attacking me on my drive there. I have a makeup artistry certificate and while I’ve used the TEMPTU AIRpod, the Airbrush Workshop was for pro members using pro systems.

Temptu PRO



I arrived early and familiarized myself with the pro system and airbrush techniques. Soon, other makeup artists arrived and started setting up their areas. None of the makeup artists were local, one had flown in from Austin, Texas and others drove from semi-local areas such as San Diego, San Clemente and Simi Valley.

The class was hosted by Vincent Ford, a prestigious makeup artist that masters bridal and editorial looks. Vincent introduced the Bridal Workshop with marketing tips, advice on presenting a portfolio, cost estimates for services and adding small touches that any customer would appreciate, like a mini-touch up kit or having double-sided tape handy for any day-of wardrobe malfunctions. After going over these very helpful tips for bridal makeup artists, he preceded to show three common looks for brides: natural, evening/smoky eye and retro glam.

I just had to volunteer myself for the first tutorial (aka makeup pampering session for me). Vincent Ford worked his magic while the other artists watched his application carefully and asked questions. The application did not take that long and I was amazed at how soft and natural I looked. I had a complete makeup look, from the concealing to the eye color, completed through airbrushing. After that, we were split into pairs and practiced the natural bridal look on each other.

My partner was a makeup artist who had been in the industry for over 10 years. Over 10 years? Instantly, I felt intimidated and couldn’t find the courage to apply makeup on her porcelain face. Then I realized that that’s what made makeup fun. You learn and you practice and you see what looks pretty and what doesn’t. So, I courageously picked up my airbrush and went a-airbrushing away. I felt like a real artist, mixing colors and using my partner as a canvas to create, alas, the natural look.


When the workshop was over, I had a newfound respect for bridal makeup artists. It is hard work! Can you imagine applying makeup on a bride and her 10 bridesmaids? While I did not change my career path to be a full-time bridal makeup artist, I did learn a new makeup application technique and noted down a few makeup tips for later endeavors. My favorite look was the natural one; I learned how to contour and the brilliance of highlighting which I have been practicing to master since. If you are a makeup artist or want to focus on bridal makeup, this class is definitely worth the time. As a dedicated makeup artist, staying on top of trends and brushing up on techniques at all times is not just a hobby but an investment.

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Nancy Mora is currently studying Beauty Industry Marketing & Merchandising.

She is a beauty conossieur who is a nacho enthusiast. When not working on school projects, she likes to cuddle on the couch with her dog, Lucy and watch Foreign films.

Her favorite TEMPTU product is Sunset Glow.



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  1. What a wonderful experience. When I feel intimidated by others I like to focus on the thought that everyone starts from point “a”. Also, I always say I wanna be around those who can teach me something! Keep it up Nancy.

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