As Seen In: The Last Magazine Issue No. 8

As Seen In: The Last Magazine Issue No. 8

Daga Ziober wearing TEMPTU airbrush makeup up in ARAK dress

Fashion is ever evolving and it changes the way we look at beauty. However, thereARAK dress/ TEMPTU airbrush is one trend that has never gone out of style: beautiful, blemish-free skin.

Model Daga Ziober appeared in The Last Magazine Issue no. 8 sporting the timeless makeup look with TEMPTU Smooth and Matte Primer, Ivory S/B Foundation, Concealer Wheel and S/B Brow in Light Putty + Natural Blond. The primer will help keep your makeup looking fresh and shine-free throughout the day. Check out our AIRpod line for makeup formula that’s equally superior and convenient to use.

Special thanks to the talented makeup artist Georgi Sandev for sharing this editorial. Click Here to read the full story.


TEMPTU airbrush makeup

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