TEMPTU’s Deréon Temporary Tattoo Kit Now Available to Waitlist Members!

October 13, 2010  |  NEW AT TEMPTU, Press, Promotions

For the past month we’ve been talking non-stop about the exclusive waitlist for our Deréon Temporary Tattoos featuring Beyoncé. The wait is finally over! Waitlist members, make sure you check your email today, because you’ll be receiving a special delivery from the TEMPTU team. This email will direct you to a secret webpage that will enable you to make one of the most exciting beauty purchases of the year! What? This is your first time hearing about TEMPTU’s Exclusive Deréon Temporary Tattoos? Well, we’ll just have to go over the details for you one more time.

Inspired by the tattoo artwork that was hand applied by TEMPTU PRO makeup artist Jenai Chin for the Deréon Fall 2010 Ad Campaign, Deréon and TEMPTU teamed up to create a collection of temporary tattoos especially for you! The result – a beautiful, limited-edition collection of temporary tattoos inspired by Beyoncé, and created exclusively for Deréon by Tina Knowles. Commissioned by Miss Tina herself, this collectible kit of temporary tattoos includes the exclusive designs and tattoo essentials used on set to achieve Beyoncé’s “real tattoo” looks. Available in three distinctive cases, each Collector’s Edition Kit features a unique set of coveted Beyoncé photographs. This exclusive assortment of temporary tattoos contains 4 different tattoo sheets containing a variety of designs including Deréon‘s signature fleur icons. But wait there’s more!

Love the tattoos? REALLY love Beyoncé? Can’t choose which kit you want? You don’t have to! We created a TEMPTU Exclusive Deluxe Edition Kit especially for all you die-hard Beyoncé fans. The Deluxe Edition Kit includes: a Collector’s Edition Box holding all three Standard Edition Kits, a signed poster from Beyoncé, and a chance to win 1 of 3 Golden Tickets. Find one of the 3 Golden Tickets in your Deluxe Edition Kit and win a trip to New York City, a Beyoncé/Deréon-style temporary tattoo photoshoot at the TEMPTU makeup studio, a visit to Deréon headquarters, $500+ in products, and more!

If you missed out on signing up for our waitlist, you’ll still have a chance to purchase a temporary tattoo kit beginning next Monday on temptu.com and sephora.com. Please note: the Deluxe Edition Kit is exclusive to TEMPTU only; you can purchase this product Monday at temptu.com.

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