What’s in Your Beauty Bag: Intern Edition

March 31, 2011  |  Featured Artists  |  No Comments

You may recognize our Product Development Intern, Alyssa, from our recreation video of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way skeleton look.  When she’s not being transformed into a living skeleton, Alyssa is on the prowl for new beauty trends, products, and innovations.  She’s a sworn makeup and beauty addict, so we just had to know what’s in her beauty bag. Read More

What’s in Your Beauty Bag?

August 13, 2010  |  Featured Artists  |  No Comments

As a new company to the consumer makeup world we are constantly looking for ways to expand our product line. One question that’s asked around the office all the time is “What’s in your beauty bag?” or “Would you use this product?”. Wanting to expand this idea further…

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