#4 of TEMPTU PRO’s Top 10 of 2010 Countdown!

December 28, 2010  |  NEW AT TEMPTU  |  No Comments

What woman doesn’t love Victoria’s Secret? Every year the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show delights women (and men) with elaborate underwear, angel wings, and this year, body art. Getting to participate in this legendary fashion show, AND working with William Lemon III secured this TEMPTU PRO moment a high…

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TEMPTU PRO Artist Spotlight: Jenai Chin

November 9, 2010  |  Featured Artists  |  No Comments

Today we are shining our Artist Spotlight on TEMPTU PRO Lead Body Artist Jenai Chin.  Having worked on some of the hottest body art in print and fashion throughout her 10 plus years working with TEMPTU PRO, Jenai has certainly established her self as a powerhouse in the…

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Pro Transfers on the cover of Airbrush Action Magazine

October 21, 2009  |  Press  |  No Comments


Temptu Pro’s lead body artist Jenai Chin created a stunning piece for the this months Airbrush Action Magazine. Jenai has been drawing these temporary tattoos for years Read More

Shoes are Bad!

April 21, 2008  |  Press  |  No Comments

Walking is easy. It’s so easy that no one ever has to teach you how to do it. It’s so easy, in fact, that we often pair it with other easy activities—talking, chewing gum—and suggest that if you can’t do both simultaneously, you’re some sort of insensate clod. So you…

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