Eye Candy: blush rush

July 18, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Blush is a powerful thing.  It can take you from sweet to edgy, polished to overdone, or even dull to dewy.  The sky is the limit with the right blush.  This Monday we though we’d share a few of the images that are currently inspiring the TEMPTU Team to rush for our blush.

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Eye Candy: brighten up your Monday

April 18, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Lets face it, Spring can be a hard season.  One day it’s sunny and beautiful out, the next day it’s cold, damp, and raining like crazy.  The warm weather and sunshine is so close we can almost taste it!  To bring a little color back into April we decided to look on the bright side of beauty, and showcase some amazing vivid and neon makeup.  Enjoy!

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Eye Candy: bring on the romance

April 11, 2011  |  Eye Candy  |  No Comments

Nothing says Spring like flowers, pinks, and dreamy romantic images.  In honor of the light, airy, romantic feeling that Spring evokes we’re bringing on the romance for today’s eye candy.

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