TEMPTU’s Deréon Temporary Tattoo Kit Now Available to Waitlist Members!

October 13, 2010  |  NEW AT TEMPTU, Press, Promotions  |  No Comments

For the past month we’ve been talking non-stop about the exclusive waitlist for our Deréon Temporary Tattoos featuring Beyoncé. The wait is finally over! Waitlist members, make sure you check your email today, because you’ll be receiving a special delivery from the TEMPTU team. This email will direct you to a secret webpage that will enable you to make one of the most exciting beauty purchases of the year! What? This is your first time hearing about TEMPTU’s Exclusive Deréon Temporary Tattoos? Well, we’ll just have to go over the details for you one more time.

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Get ready for Halloween and save with TEMPTU PRO!

October 11, 2010  |  Promotions  |  No Comments


Who doesn’t love Halloween?  It’s the only holiday that gives you the chance to be someone else for a night.  It can also be a great time to make money if you are a makeup artist.

TEMPTU PRO wants to help you get ready for this busy time of year by…

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Think before you ink with TEMPTU

October 11, 2010  |  Press  |  No Comments

It is no secret that tattoos are much more popular and mainstream today then they were 30 years ago.  You can find tattoos on just about everybody, from A-list celebrities, to political figures.  Even Barbie sported a set of butterfly tattoos in 1999.  In a new Good Morning America segment, focused on parenting and family issues, Elizabeth Hasselbeck addressed the growing popularity of tattooed teens. Whether you are for or against teen tattoos this segment made one point that everyone can get behind; temporary tattoos are a great way to try before you buy.

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TEMPTU PRO Helps Transform Martha Stewart Into a Spellbinding Sorceress

October 8, 2010  |  Press  |  1 Comment

One look at Martha’s entrancing costume banishes any belief that practicing the art of magic means looking like a wicked witch. Here, full-on glamour takes the place of green skin and a wart covered face. For the finishing touch to her Spellbinding Sorceress costume, Martha Stewart came to TEMPTU PRO to design her special custom tattoo star headdress.

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Get Martha Stewart’s Spellbinding Sorceress Look!

October 5, 2010  |  Inspiration  |  No Comments

To complete her Spellbinding Sorceress costume, Martha Stewart came to TEMPTU PRO to design a special custom temporary tattoo star headdress.  This tutorial will show you just how you can get this look for yourself using the star designs from TEMPTU’s ADORN Girly Chic Temporary Tattoo Kit.

Runway Trend: Temporary Tattoos

September 30, 2010  |  Backstage with TEMPTU  |  No Comments

Temporary tattoos were all over the runways this year! TEMPTU did tattoos for some awesome shows during fashion week….Check out the pics below

A combination of the TEMPTU Adorn Temporary Tattoo Kit, TEMPTU PRO Transfers, and custom made tattoos were used.

Temporary tattoos are such a hot trend right…

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TEMPTU History: De Niro’s Tattoos in Cape Fear

August 18, 2010  |  NEW AT TEMPTU  |  No Comments

Though our TEMPTU consumer-focused makeup line is fairly new, some of you may not know that our PRO makeup history is rich and goes back to the ‘80s, acid-washed jeans and all. Our PRO makeup ties are something that we are not only proud of but also strongly influence all the products we develop for our customers. This monthly feature is our way of sharing our PRO makeup history with all of our new TEMPTU consumer fans.

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Temptu Tattoos on Broadway

August 18, 2010  |  Press  |  No Comments

Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Hudgens


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Pampering for a Purpose

May 12, 2010  |  Events  |  No Comments

Last night TEMPTU joined forces at Salon Eiji’s PAMP OUT Event to help raise money to benefit Felix Organization, a Non Profit Organization with a mission to enrich the lives of children in the Foster Care System.   TEMPTU donated two gifts bags full of products for a silent…

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TEMPTU in the Bounty Hunter This Weekend

March 20, 2010  |  Press  |  No Comments

TEMPTU stars in this weekend’s blockbuster “The Bounty Hunter” alongside Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. America’s sweetheart goes in to get some ink – see if you can spot who is TEMPTU’ed and who isn’t.

At your local theatre this weekend. http://www.moviefone.com/movie/the-bounty-hunter/50263/main


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