Ann Merin’s 5 Tips for DIY Bridal Makeup

May 25, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

You’ve picked the dress of your dreams, sprung for a sit down dinner, offered to pay for your Maid of Honor’s dress, and now your wedding budget is running low.  This is the moment when you might contemplate doing your own wedding day makeup instead of dipping into your savings to hire a professional.  If you find yourself in this position, do not panic.  Follow my tips below and, with a little preparation, some practice and the right tools, you can achieve results worthy of your big moment.

1) Find Your Look
Break out those bridal magazines you bought when you were shopping for a dress.  Pick makeup looks you like on models that have similar coloring to you.  Choose several pictures and start noting what you like and why – i.e., “I like this mauve lip color because it will compliment the color scheme of my wedding.”

2) Pick your Palette
See how the eye and lip colors you gravitated toward actually look and feel on you.  You might find that the lilac eye shadow, that looks stunning on the model, just doesn’t seem right on you.  Remember there are several different variations of purple, green, blue, etc.  If you experiment enough you should be able to find the right color for you.

3) Work Like a Pro
Airbrush makeup is a professional’s secret weapon for creating the flawless, natural, long lasting results that brides love.  The TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System produces results as close to professional as I’ve ever seen.  The friendly folks at TEMPTU and Sephora will show you how to use the system and choose your perfect shade of foundation.  I also recommend investing in a highlighter (I love the Champagne for brides), a blush and the mineral based Retouch Powder (which your Maid of Honor can easily carry for quick touch ups)

4) Practice
Airbrushing will probably be new to you so start practicing your technique as soon as you get your system home.  If you need a refresher, refer to the helpful, how to videos on the TEMPTU website.

5) Call for Back Up
The first question I ask any bride that is considering doing her own makeup is “will it be too stressful?”  Frankly, you may not really know the answer to this question until the day of your wedding and, by that time, it will be too late to back out.  The best way to plan for this possibility is to train a friend to be your back-up; someone who could take over if you, for lack of a better term, “freak out.”  This should NOT be anyone in your bridal party as they might feel as overwhelmed as you.  Choose a friend who has an interest in makeup and a style that you admire.  Have her accompany you on your trips to the makeup store to learn about your new products and make sure to have her practice applying makeup on you – particularly the airbrush makeup.   Just knowing you have back-up may be just the confidence booster you need to help you apply your wedding day makeup like a pro.

-Post by bridal guest blogger Ann Merin of TLC’s Wedding Day Makeover

[images by Jose Villa and Kate Murphy Photography]

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