Avoid These Holiday Beauty Blunders

December 28, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

Got a big night planned this New Year’s Eve?  Kick-off 2012 looking flawless by avoiding these common beauty blunders.

1.  Too much makeup aka sporting a clown face.  Avoid looking too over-done this holiday season by going light on the accessorizing.  Remember smoky eyes or dramatic lips are accessories too!  So take the Coco Chanel approach and keep an accessory at home.

2.  Head to toe matching aka the matchy matchy effect. Try not to match too much.  When picking makeup colors its best to choose a palette that flatter your face not your outfit.  When in doubt a subtle champagne colored shimmer looks flawless on everyone.

3.  Bad fake nails aka plastic paws.  Pass on the press-ons and opt for a more simple manicure.  Short, rounded, well-manicured nails are always in season.  Go for a manicure with a nude tone that will go with any outfit!

4.  Dehydrated skin aka parched pores.  Drink lots of water!  Dry indoor heat and libations can wreak havoc on your skin, so make sure to keep hydrated.

Remember to be safe, have fun, and have a cocktail for me. Happy Holidays!

- Cory Bishop, TEMPTU Lead Global Artist

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