Color Correction 101

January 9, 2013  |  Tips & Technique

January is our Color Correction Month! For any makeup artist, especially for professionals, knowledge of color correction is a requirement. It’s the first step in covering visible flaws, from acne to brown spots to that nasty scar you got from a sample sale fight. For those who see green and yellow concealer in the drugstore and cringe in confusion, here’s a breakdown of what’s what:


Remembering these contrasting colors on the color wheel is the first step in evening out skin tone. You don’t need to pile on the foundation or concealer. No more cake face!

If you have pretty even complexion, you can still use these elizabeth olsenshades to manipulate your skin tone. A favorite trick for nude lips is to use green, then follow with concealer that matches the rest of the face. Top off with nude lipstick with a hint of pink.  Anything too white will look washed out.

Based on the color wheel theory, the TEMPTU Pro S/B Neutralizer Wheel is perfect for priming discolored areas anywhere on the body. A little goes a long way. Use a sponge or bare fingers to apply in sheer layers. Go over with foundation.

For extra staying power on body imperfections, try Dura Skin. The collection is made to match S/B Foundation shades, so don’t worry about your face not matching the rest of your body. You can even use it on prosthetics.

If you do have trouble with color-matching, mix an S/B Adjuster to customize your foundation.

green adjusterPro Tip: Keep a mini bottle of S/B Adjuster in #033-Green on hand for clients with acne or rosacea. Apply a very light layer to a ruddy complexion before foundation. This neutralizes the redness, while saving you foundation.

If you’d like to see the Neutralizer Wheel in action, join us at our Color Correction Event on January 30th! Network and enjoy a few sips of bubbly while Celebrity Body/Makeup Artist, Dani Fonseca, demonstrates the proper techniques for strategic coverage.

(5-7 p.m. NYC: 26 W 17th St. Suite 302. NY,NY 10011.

LA: 2381 Rosencrans Ave., Suite 100. El Segundo, CA 90245.

RSVP:  Michelle@temptu.com with location in subject line. )



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