Flawless Tips for Gals with Galsses

January 12, 2012  |  Tips & Technique

It’s no secret that glasses are one of the more fabulous accessories to reach for in 2012.  Getting your makeup just right allows your frames to take center stage.  We’ve put together four easy tips to help transform your beauty routine from everyday ready to spec-tacular!

1.  Keep it Simple – Save that bright liner or bold shadow for when you go out sans specks.  Stick to neutral shades on the eyes, making sure to add definition by blending a darker shade into your crease.

 2.  Define with Lines – When wearing glasses, eyeliner is a must.  Wearing thick frames?  Go thicker to make your eyes pop.  Always remember to finish your eyes with 2-3 coats of mascara to really make your eyes pop.

3.  Day to Night – Go from day to night instantly by adding color to your lips and cheeks.  Go for a red lipstick (bright OR dark) and a pink blush and in a matter of minutes you are ready for your night out.

4.  Brows that Wow – Wearing glasses instantly draws attention to your brows.  Keep them groomed and shaped with the help of brow pencils and brow gel.

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