Get the Look: Hollywood Vampire

October 18, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

With the popularity of Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Dairies, and many more fang-biased forms of entertainment it’s no secret that vampires are huge right now. While anyone can slap on a fake pair of fangs and be a “vamipre”, it takes true finesse to create that undead, yet alluring Hollywood Vampire look that manages to make us all weak in the knees. Our Lead Global Artist Cory Bishop has not only put together the perfect Hollywood Vampire Halloween Kit he’s also broken down how to get this signature look step-by-step.

Get the Look:

1. Lighten the complexion by airbrushing the face and neck with S/B Multicolor in Ecru.

2. Bring out the bone structure of the face with S/B Multicolor in Platinum by highlighting the brow bone, cheek bones and jaw line.

3. Contour under the cheeks and temples with S/B Blush in Raspberry.

4. Intensify the eye area by airbrushing S/B Blush in Raspberry over the lids.

5. Finish the eyes by using a liner brush with the Raspberry shade to line the lower lash line.

Create the Bite:

1. Lightly airbrush the bite area with DURA Pro Trauma Set color in Old Bruise.

2. Airbrush 2 circles where you want the teeth marks with DURA Pro Trauma Set color in in Blood.

3. With a small brush using the DURA Pro Corpse Palette color in Black paint two small holes in the center of the airbrushed circles you made for a puncture mark.

4. Outline the black circles with DURA Pro Corpse Palette color in Death White.

5. Powder the area to set the DURA paints.

6. Add the dripping blood effect by hand painting from the DURA Pro Corpse Palette color in Blood. (Do not powder this part so the blood color stay shine to look wet.)

Get all the products used to create this look at a special value when you purchase our Hollywood Vampire Halloween Kit.

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