Get the Look: Not-So-Fresh Zombie

October 25, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

For the past two weeks TEMPTU Global Artist Cory Bishop has been teaching us how to create his favorite terrorific TEMPTU Halloween looks. Today’s Not-So-Fresh Zombie is Cory’s favorite look.

“I absolutely love this look,” says Bishop, “because you want to accentuate the flaws of the skin as opposed to covering them. Look for things like undereye circles, uneven skin, etc. and add to them and make them darker. This will keep your look more realistic. Also, create a story for your zombie. The look will be more believable if you create a back-story for how your zombie died, or what he/she did before they were a zombie and work that into your look.”

Get the Look:

1. Highlight the high parts of the face like the forehead, nose, cheekbones, jawbone and tendons on the neck with the S/B Multicolor in Slate.

2. To add a rotted look to the skin airbrush S/B Multicolor in Moss around the hairline, under the jawbone and down the sides of the neck.

3. Deepen the shadows of the face with DURA Pro Corpse Set colors in Rigor Mortis and Black. Remember to focus on the shadows under the eyes, temples and under the cheek bones to make the face look more sallow.

4. Using a stipple sponge, apply DURA Pro Corpse Palette color in Corpse to the face and neck to make the skin look textured and uneven. To create fresh wounds on the skin use DURA Pro Corpse Palette colors in Blood and Old Bruise.

5. With a small synthetic brush use the S/B Multicolor in Teal to create corroded veins on the neck and temples. This can also be followed with the DURA Pro Corpse Palette color in Rigor Mortis to add depth to the vein work.

6. Finish the look with fresh stage blood on top of the wounds

PRO TIP:  Don’t forget to use plenty of translucent powder to make the skin look really dry.


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