Get The Look: Rock n’ Holiday

December 6, 2012  |  Tips & Technique

This holiday, get rock’n with our dazzling holiday look: Rock n’ Holiday!



Step 1: Flawless AIRpod Foundation 

Start by applying flawless AIRpod Foundation in your perfect shade.

PRO TIP: Before applying your AIRpod Foundation, prep your skin with Base Smooth and Matte Primer.

Step 2: AIRpod Blush in Blushing Coral

Using AIRpod Blush in Blushing Coral, apply to the apples of the cheeks, sweeping upwards towards the hairline.



holiday duo

Step 3: AIRpod Highlighter in Gold on the Eyes

To create a golden glow eye shadow effect, apply AIRpod Highlighter in Gold to the eyelids.

PRO TIP: Before AIRbrushing on the eyelids, apply a layer of Invisible Difference Finishing Powder. Apply Gold in sheer, light layers. Once color is dry, finish with another light layer of powder to seal the deal!

Step 4: AIRpod Highlighter in Gold

To really get your skin glowing and enhance your bone structure, apply AIRpod Highlighter in Gold to the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.


Step 5: AIRpod Blush in Blushing Coral on the Lips

Your AIRpod Blush in Blushing Coral makes a bold lip statement. Apply to lips, starting at the center of the lips and working outwards. Remember to come in very close to the lips to avoid overspray. Build the color intensity in sheer layers.

Lastly, finish your look with eyeliner and mascara on the top and bottom lashes, and then add a coat of clear lip gloss for an electric pout!


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