Get The Look: TEMPTU Pro Ruby Red

November 19, 2012  |  Tips & Technique


The holidays are fast approaching, and we’re taking a new spin on old classics! Watch as Pro Artist, Nicky Posley, shows us how to avoid clownish red cheeks, and instead create a glamorous and sophisticated holiday look with our S/B Ruby Red Blush!



Whats on your list for Santa?

S/B Ruby Red, course! It can be used beautifully anywhere on the face. I also love TEMPTU’s Pink Pearl and Champagne Shimmer Highlights. In addition, everyone should have an amazing liquid liner (i.e. eyeko liquid liner in black).

What was the creative process like for creating the TEMPTU Ruby Red Holiday look?


The process for creating a holiday look around S/B Ruby Red was fun because I had free reign. I wanted something that was festive and colorful while being reliable and attainable for real women.






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