Get The Look: Wicked Werewolf

October 13, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

For a makeup artist Halloween is more than just a holiday that allows you to showcase your talent, it’s a holiday that you can also turn into a lucrative money maker.  This year our Lead Global Artist, Cory Bishop, has put together three stellar Halloween looks and kits to help you expand your business. Keep reading to discover how to transform your clients into our Wicked Werewolf.

Get the Look:

1.  Bring out the brow bone, nose, and mouth by highlighting the area using S/B Airbrow Color in Natural Blonde.

2.  To bring the brow bone forward, darken the eye area with S/B Airbrow Color in Rich Brown.

3.  Contour the sides of your nose, cheeks and jaw bone with S/B Airbrow Color in Deep Taupe.

4.  Deepen the contours by adding S/B Airbrow Color in Rich Brown andS/B Adjuster in Black.

5.  To make the skin look less smooth and more hair like, use the Dura Pro Palette in Hair.  Hand paint short hair-like lines or use a stipple sponge using multiple colors from the palette.  Apply the colors where the highlights meet the contours like under the cheek bones, temples and jawline.

6.  Add details like folds around the nose and brows with the Dura Hair Color in Soft Black.

7.  Finish the look by covering any exposed skin with the appropriate Dura Hair Colors and stippling with the Dura Pro Palette in Hair to add texture.

Get all the products used to create this look at a special value when you purchase our Wicked Werewolf Halloween Kit.

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