Get the most out of your bridal beauty consultation

May 17, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

Whether or not you are a makeup person, hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day can help you get the most out of your makeup.  A pro can provide you a stress-free application and picture perfect makeup that will stay put all day.  If you are going the route of a pro makeup artist, your bridal consultation is a very important step in your wedding planning.

What to expect:
You may want to bring a note pad because a skilled bridal makeup artist will be going over a lot more then just your look during the makeup trial.  A seasoned makeup artist will advise you on a good skin-care regimen, brow-shaping tips, lash enhancements, etc.  When you leave your appointment you should know your wedding day look, how much it will cost, travel details, and have contract signed with all of this information included in it.

What to bring:

  1. Inspirational bridal beauty images – It’s important to look for photos either online or in magazines of women who have similar eye color, hair color and skin tone as yourself, so that you can bring a look that is totally feasible for your wedding day.
  2. Photos of yourself done up to your liking.
  3. A swatch of your dress or a robe in the same shade.
  4. A camera – Just because it looks good in a mirror doesn’t mean it looks good on film, and on your wedding day that’s what counts.

What to ask:

  • How much experience does the makeup artist have?
  • How many weddings have they done?
  • What kind of makeup do they use? Water based? Silicone based?
  • Does your makeup artist have any tips for you concerning skin-care or other bridal enhancement options?
  • What is the pricing for the makeup artist’s services?
  • Does the price include makeup for your bridal party?
  • What do they charge to travel to your wedding location?
  • Do they charge extra to stay and provide touch-ups throughout the day?
  • Get a rundown on how long the makeup artist thinks your total makeup application (and maybe your bridal party’s) will take.  You don’t want to be rushing to get your makeup done on your big day.
  • Finally, ask what will happen if the makeup artist can’t be there on the day of the wedding. Will he or she arrange for someone else to do the job or are you on your own?

Remember your consultation isn’t over just because you left your appointment.  Take a close look at yourself a few hours after a trial makeover to check how the makeup wears on your skin. Does it last or fade away? Note any color changes or allergic reactions.  Your makeup artist will be able to adapt his or her makeup application according to your body’s reaction.

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