Get your skin ready for Spring!

April 20, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

Spring is here!  That means time to do some Spring-cleaning, not just for your home but for your beauty routine as well.  Chances are, you’re planning on using the same skin-care products this summer that you used this past winter.  What you may not know is that skin care is seasonal.  Skin that was drier in the winter can actually become oily during the warmer months.  No need to worry, we’ve got 4 easy tips to get your skin ready for the Spring/Summer weather.

Get some toner – While you can use the same cleanser year round, come warmer weather you’ll need to work a little harder to remove excess oils from your skin.  Adding a toner to your beauty routine is a great way to control the extra oil that your skin produces in the summer.  Use a toner that contains an oil solvent instead of a cleanser in the morning, after cleansing in the evening or even during the day.

Play with clay – If you are addicted to relaxing with a good face mask, you don’t have to give up this treat come summer.   Instead of hydrating masks, switch to a clay- or mud-based mask.  Because mud and clay masks are more absorbent they’ll help draw out oil and unclog pores.  Click HERE for a DIY oil absorbing mask that’s perfect for summer.

Lighten up – Come summer you won’t want to be applying the cream-based lotions you sported during the drying months of winter.  Switch to a lotion with a more liquid consistency.  You want a lotion that absorbs quickly into your skin with a matte finish.  If you have oily skin, you can probably skip a moisturizer altogether.

Extra protection – If you didn’t use a sunscreen every day during the winter, you should during the summer.  Make sure you reach for a minimum of SPF 15 (30 is ideal).  Using a spray, gel-, or alcohol-based formula will keep your face from getting greasy.  Save some time in the morning and choose a lotion with SPF already in it.

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