#IDoTemptu: Pin Your Dream Wedding Beauty Looks to WIN A Wedding Gift Package Worth Over $1,000!

May 15, 2014  |  Tips & Technique

Nothing’s greater than the gift of love! But there are plenty of perks to enjoy as the bride-to-be. Today, we present our new #IDoTEMPTU Pinterest Sweepstakes. We’ve compiled a grand wedding package with our partners, Fleur Du Mal, Paul Mitchell, and Love vs Design worth over $1,000.

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And before the big day, prepare with these wedding Dos & Dont’s, brought to you from our lovely partners:

The creative invitation designers at Love vs Design advises on the best etiquette for writing thank you notes:

“It might sound easy and maybe cheesy, but writing a genuine thank you note takes some time and effort. You don’t want to come off like a robot, copy / pasting the same words on every card. Put some real thought in each card, the receiver will appreciate this!”

Love vs Design

The legendary coiffeuses at Paul Mitchell, advise that the bride should make a hair plan, leading up to big day:

  1. Plan Ahead –  If you have your hair colored or professionally treated, make sure to get your touch-up a month before so it can soften. Most importantly, should any mishaps take place; you have time to fix it.
  2. Gather Inspiration – Make a Pinterest board of looks you found online and love. Share this with your hairdresser and bridesmaids for inspiration.
  3. Get Help - Find a stylist you like and can work with to get the style of your dreams.
  4. Make Time – On the big day, make sure to plan for extra time in your schedule to get your hair done so you won’t be stressed at all.
  5. The Final Touch – Make sure your stylist sets you up with a mini survival kit so that you can touch up your hair as needed. Remember, it’s a long day!

May your special day be an unforgettable with TEMPTU! Click here for sweepstakes rules and regulations.

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