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March 23, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

You are what you eat, literally.  If you put the right food in your body you’ll not only feel great, but the results will also show on your face.  If you are battling skin problems like acne and dry skin, you can actually improve your skin by improving your daily diet.  Since digestion and diet have a direct connection on skin behavior, eating and avoiding the right foods can help give you the skin you crave from the inside out.
Keep reading for our suggestions on what to skip and what to pile on your plate.

PILE ON: Raw veggies and fruits – Is there anything a healthy dose of fruits and veggies can’t help?  If your body can properly digest these vitamin packed gems then munch away!

SKIP: Dairy – Milk and cheese tend to be full of hormones and antibiotics.  Too much of either can cause mucus to grow in your digestive system, which can lead to breakouts.  If you can’t give up milk or cheese reach for hormone-free brands, or dairy made with goat or sheep’s milk.

PILE ON: Whole grains – Whole grains, like those found in pasta and bread, are loaded with vitamin B which helps replenish your skin cells.  Carbs that are good for your skin?  Total win!

SKIP: Coffee – Ok you don’t have to give this one up, but if you are a 3-4 cup drinker you are going to want to cut down to 1-2 cups a day.  The caffeine in coffee hinders cells from absorbing and holding water.  Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water after your cup of coffee.

PILE ON: High quality protein – Organic poultry, like chicken and turkey, help your body produce collagen.  So remember if it has feathers eat it!

SKIP: Sugar – This one is the hardest to give up!  Sweets can throw off your body’s natural balance and cause inflammation.  If you can’t give up your sweet treats try cutting down to one a day, or try adding some fruit in.  Can you say bananas with chocolate drizzle?  Pass the spoon!

PILE ON: Flaxseed oil – This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for supple skin and preventing inflation.  No need to measure, you can get flaxseed oil in pill form anywhere vitamins are sold.

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