Look of the Month: Forget rings. Put a tattoo on it!

August 3, 2010  |  Inspiration, Tips & Technique

Seeing Vanessa Hudgens’ hand/nail art innovations at the premiere of Charlie St. Cloud and on the Sucker Punch red carpet at Comic-Con we had a revelation in the TEMPTU office!

Why can’t temporary tattoos and nail art go hand in hand (or hand and nail)?  Hudgen’s Comic-Con nail look is not only a fun chic way to glam up your style it’s also extremely easy to achieve using TEMPTU ADORN Transfer Tattoos.  So leave your rings at home this week and sport a temporary tattoo on your finger instead!

Get the Look:

1. Choose an ADORN Temporary Tattoo.  Think small because you want it to fit onto your finger with as much of the design showing as possible.  We chose the a lace tattoo from the Seductive Chic Kit.

2. Apply the Temporary tattoo to your middle fingers according to the instructions on the back of your ADORN Kit.

3. Once you have applied and powdered your tattoo it’s time to choose your nail polish.  Our ADORN Temporary tattoos are made with a blue-black ink but any dark color will make your tattoo and nails look expertly matched.  Paint the darker color onto the nail of your ring finger.  We used Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Deliciously Dark.

4. Next apply a pastel or (for the more daring) a neon color to the rest of your nails.  We used OPI by Sephora in Havana Dreams.  If you want the complete look from hands to toes use the darker color you chose on your toenails as well.

The final results:

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  1. Here in Oregon people love to cover themselves with tattoos. It’s sort of hobby with us. So I am always interested in seeing what others are doing and learning new things. Thanks for the post.

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