Look of the Month: Play With Your Pout

September 1, 2010  |  Tips & Technique

The right lipstick can change your whole state of mind.  For example a fiery red can make you feel like a sexy siren where a blushy pink can bring out your more softer, romantic side.  Believe it or not September is the perfect month to play with your pout.

Being half way between summer and fall makes September the perfect month to either keep rocking the bright lip colors of summer or explore the berriffic stains that are going to be huge this fall.  One of our favorite looks for Fall/Winter 2010 were the wine-stained lips on the models at Alex Casertano’s first ready-to-wear fashion show.  Lead makeup artist for the show, Talia Shobrook, described the look as “Lower East Side Angels” who appear to look “like they’ve been drinking too much wine”.

Want to try out the look yourself?  Turn down your TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System dial down to “Less” and snap in your favorite deep blush color (we love either Sheer Berry or Vintage Ruby).  Apply the makeup onto your lips in the same manner as you would your cheeks.  Want more color?  Let the first application to completely dry and apply a second coat.  Finish the look with your favorite lip venom or gloss and you too will look like a Lower East Side Angel!

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