Makeup Resolutions 2013

January 2, 2013  |  Tips & Technique

Happy New Year! If you’re anything like us, January 1st was spent recovering from New Year’s Eve parties and picking at leftovers instead of joining a gym or volunteering for charity. Sad, but true. We used the extra down time to think about a few shortcuts for transforming our looks, and making it seem like we’ve been prepping for months in advance. Now that we’ve got a game plan, here’s how you can get in on the action:

anna1. Be bold with lip color. 

Take a cue from the runways and take an extra five seconds every morning to slick on a vibrant lip stick. Rich pigments will change the focal point of your face and deter the eyes from bags or unruly brows, allowing you to still look  put-together.

Pro Tip: For pouty lips with attitude, use a brush to place concealer on the corners of your bottom lip. Leave the center undone to give the lips a more triangular shape.



Photo Credit: Anna Sui Spring ’13

2. Be diligent about cleaning.

You wouldn’t let your stylist run a dirty comb through your hair, so why would you put a dirty sponge on your face?  Unwashed tools can collect dust and bacteria that can lead to acne and other skin problems. Use an anti-bacterial spray like Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer to make the cleaning process quick and easy. If you’re still having trouble committing, try our AIRpods. No cleaning necessary.

3eyebrow stencils. Try new brow styles.

One of the fastest ways to completely change face is to change your brows. Don’t be afraid to stray from your natural shape, and try a new arch, or thicker approach.

Pro Tip: Try flattening your brows with bar soap, then cover them with your shade on the TEMPTU Pro Concealer Wheel, until you look bald. It’s okay if you can still see a few hairs. This will actually make them look more natural.

Use a TEMPTU Pro Brow Stencil to help outline your new shape, and fill in with S/B Airbrow or a pencil.


4. Go lash crazy!

False lashes aren’t just for Halloween and starlets. While mascara is a must-have, nothing beats the fullness of falsies. You can start small by applying a few individual strips to the center for a doe-eyed look, or keep them at the corners for a sultry gaze. For the most natural effect, snip some of the tips to create a range of heights.

5. Get social.Kris Bacani

Get more involved in the beauty community and post your looks on social media. Share tips and inspiration with your fellow makeup junkies. This is especially important for artists at all levels of experience, who are trying to build their client base. We’ll even help you out by sharing your best TEMPTU-made looks with our followers.

This is one of our all-time favorite photos from MUA Kris Bacani, who uses TEMPTU Pro S/B Foundation on all her brides.

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