Makeup Trials: The Basics

November 28, 2012  |  Tips & Technique

We all have to start somewhere. Makeup trials are part of the game, and are extremely important when a bride is involved. The trial is your “first date” with your potential client, and your preparation has a lot to do with your initial chemistry. So before you put on your lipstick and head over, here’s what you need to know:



1. Explain the consultation process to the bride before you begin. Agree upon how many looks you will do, your time frame, and the cost of the trial. Have the bride send clear photos of looks she would like, and remind her of colors that work best with her skin tone and features.

  • Have the bride flip through your portfolio and reviews for more ideas.

2. Start off with the softest look first, and go over what the bride did or did not like. This way you can build to create something more dramatic and waste less product.


  • Make sure you write down the products and colors you used for the final look. Fill in a face chart you can refer back to as well.
  • Try filling empty bottles with the exact S/B colors, cleaning solution, and loose powders ahead of time, so you’re not searching through piles of product on the day of. Leaving the bottles for the bride after the wedding is always an appreciated touch.
  • Find out if the bride will be tanning before the wedding, her skincare regimen, and the hairstyles she’s considering.

3. If you didn’t book the job on the spot, follow up within the next few days, and get a contract signed with a deposit to secure the date.

  • Most importantly, show the client that you care about her opinion, and respect whichever look she chooses. Even if you don’t get the prettiest picture for your portfolio, a satisfied client will be happy to recommend you to others.

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