Secrets to looking younger with makeup

March 14, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

The right makeup applied in the right way can almost seem to work miracles.  But if you are choosing colors that aren’t age appropriate, flattering to your skin tone, or are applying your makeup too heavily, you may be adding years onto your face.  Is your makeup making you look older?  Take years off your look by following our DOs and DON’Ts list to a more youthful you.
DON’T go heavy handed on your eye makeup.  Dark eye makeup, while intended to bring attention the eyes, can look jarring, especially when using blue shadows.

DO wear neutral toned shadows.  Neutral colors tend to enhance your features and look less overdone.  Think less is more.  Opt for a champagne or peach color with a subtle shimmer.  Want to go a little darker?  Try a brown or taupe shadow.

DON’T wear supermatte or cakey foundation – When your foundation looks as dry as the Sahara, every line and crease is enhanced.

DO use a hydrating foundation.  Opt for a foundation that contains water, like TEMPTU AIR pod Foundation.  The water in our makeup bonds to skin rather than absorbing into it or evaporating away from it.  This means your skin stays hydrated throughout the day.

DO rock a dewy glow.  For an extra boost of luminosity, apply a highlighter in a C-shape from your brow bone to your cheekbone.   Highlighters give your skin a subtle glow that always looks fresh and youthful.

DON’T over pluck your brows.  Your eyebrows help shape your face.  Over tweezing your brows, or misshaped brows can age your eyes.

DO get your brows shaped professionally.  You don’t have to go pro every time, but going every few months will prevent over plucking.

DON’T put too much on your lips.  Going too heavy , or dark with lip liner can actually cause your lips to look thinner.

DO wear similar shades of liner, lipstick, or gloss.  Barely there lip liner helps camouflage lines and wrinkles.  Opt for a more natural berry color for a more natural youthful look.

Do you have any beauty tips that make you look and feel younger?  Share them with us below or on our Facebook page.

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