Steal Analeigh Tipton’s Edgy Coral Cheeks

March 9, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

For TROIX Magazine’s February cover TEMPTU PRO makeup artist Veronica Hernandez transformed Analeigh Tipton into a modern day geisha.  There is no question that Analeigh rocked this look complete with dreamy blue shadow, heart-shaped lips, and mega angular coral cheeks.  Guess what!  You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to recreate this angular cheek look at home.  All you need is a sheet of paper, your TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System, and the AIR pod Blush of your choice.
Get the look:

1.  First apply your AIR pod Foundation and/or AIR pod Bronzer as you normally would.

2.  Choose your AIR pod Blush.  For this look darker colors will show up best.  Our two favorite shades for this look are Blushing Coral and Hot Pink.

3.  After attaching your Blush to your AIRbrush gun, you will want to grab a sheet of paper or an index card.

4.   Hold the paper/card so that it lays right below your cheekbone.  Keep the paper at an angle so that it follows the natural contour of your face (temple to cheekbone to corner of your mouth).

5.  With your dial set at “START” begin applying your blush starting on the edge of the paper, and blending up onto your cheek.

PRO TIP: You can control the sharp edge of this look by adjusting the distance you hold the paper from your face.  The closer to your skin the card is the sharper the edge of your blush, the further away the softer the edge.

6.  Repeat the same process on the other cheek, and voila you just snagged Analeigh’s razor sharp blush look!

Scared to go this sharp with your blush?  Get a more subtle version of this look just by going with the same colors (Blushing Coral and Hot Pink) and go heavier on the color you apply.  Flushed cheeks are big this spring so don’t be afraid to to show off your pinker side!

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