Steal Kat Graham’s Dreamy Glow

March 21, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

The Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham may play a witchy woman on the show, but for her TROIX Magazine spread she revealed a much more dreamy and romantic looking Kat.  TEMPTU PRO Makeup Artist Veronica Hernandez may have created this look using our PRO makeup line, but lucky for you Kat’s dreamy glow is easily recreated using the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System. GET THE LOOK:

1.   Apply your AIR pod Foundation as you normally would to create a flawless base.

2.  Next, apply your AIR pod Bronzer onto your forehead, cheek bones, and bridge of the nose.  For a deeper glow apply more Bronzer to the forehead and temples.

3.  After the bronzer, apply your AIR pod Blush along the apples of your cheek and blend out to your hairline.  To get Kat’s dreamy flushed cheeks we suggest using 409 Nude Pink.

4.  Finish your look by applying AIR pod Highlighter in a C-shape beginning on the brow bone and curving around to the cheek bones.  Turn your compressor down to “LESS” and apply just a touch of highlighter onto your tear ducts.   This will instantly open up your eyes and give you a radiant glow.   For this look we recommend using 301 Champagne.

The finished look is a dreamy, flushed glow that we simply can’t get enough of.  What do you think?  Will you be Stealing this look?

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