TEMPTU TIP: Finding Your Perfect Match

August 24, 2010  |  Tips & Technique

Having problems finding your perfect TEMPTU Foundation shade?  We are here to help!  Ask yourself these simple questions to achieve your flawless finish.

Finding your shade range:

This one is pretty easy.  Is your skin light, medium, or dark?

Finding your undertones:

1.  Do you Burn or Tan in the sun?

If you burn, you have pink or red undertones.  If you tan, you have yellow undertones.

2.  Do you have more blue or green veins on your inner wrist?

Turn your wrist upwards and take a close look.  If you have blue veins, your skin has more pink undertones, and a cool skin tone.  If you green or teal colored veins, then your skin has yellow undertones, warm skin tone.

3.  What is the underlying color cast of your skin?

Do you have a pink or yellow cast to your skin?  Looking on your inner arm or the side of your face is easiest.  Find the color that naturally comes through this part of the skin – pink or yellow.

Think you have your shade and tone correct?  See what TEMPTU shade you are here!

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