Beauty Innovation: Magnetic Nail Polish

September 30, 2011  |  Inspiration

Nude nail polish is a huge trend this fall, but if beige and suede make you cringe never fear metallic manicures are here! Metallic manicures, once only available in Europe, are taking the US by storm thanks to Sephora. But just how does magnetic nail polish work? Keep reading for the who, what, why, and how behind this manicure with a magnetic personality.

What it is:  A revolutionary magnetic nail lacquer used to create stunning 3D nail art designs in chic metallic shades.

Who it’s for:  Nail, manicure, and beauty addicts that want to get professional looking nails in the comfort of your own home.

Why it’s different:  With these polishes you don’t need any stencils, stickers, or fine tipped brushes the magnet does all the work.

How it works:  Apply your first coat of polish and wait until it’s dry. The second coat is where all the magnetic magic happens. Paint a generous amount of polish on one nail and then hold the magnet over that nail for about 10-15 seconds. All you have to do now is lift the magnet away and poof your magnetic manicure is complete. Click HERE to see it in action!

How to get it:  Right now there are two companies that have the magnetic manicure market cornered, nails inc., and LCN. Luckily for Sephora shoppers you can get nails inc. magnetic polishes right on sephora.com!

[images from nails Inc website]

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